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The next two meetings are scheduled for September 26, 2013 and December 19, 2013. Thanks to each of you for all of your hard work over the last three years!

2035 Vision for Community Culture

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Our educational, cultural and recreational opportunities strengthen the social fabric of the community. Our top-rated schools offer excellent education and reinforce the value of the community as a desirable place to raise a family. Our outstanding library, parks, and community amenities provide a wide range of programs and special events. Public art and historic resources enrich our cultural identity

The Community Culture action area addresses arts, civic engagement, education, historic preservation, library services and recreation. It updates several different goals in the existing Comprehensive Plan. Please see “Action Area Topics” below for more details on each of these topics.

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Each Action Area’s Goals and Polices go through a series of steps involving public involvement and comment, various review processes by different commissions and councils, and lastly, approval by the City Council.


Timeline for Community Culture Progress

Action Area Topics

The existing 1994 Comprehensive Plan identifies many goals related to Community Culture. Because there are several topics in this area, we have linked to more details on each topic below:


Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies: there is not a current arts and culture goal included in the existing comprehensive plan. The update acknowledges the cultural and economic value that the arts add to the community, and addresses access to the arts, supporting the arts economy, and public art.


Civic Engagement

Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies (Goal 1)
Updates and consolidates existing goals and policies which call for accessible, meaningful and transparent processes to participate in City decision-making

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Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies (Goal 11.5)
Expands significantly upon language in the existing Plan by addressing the City’s role in promoting educational excellence and lifelong learning, and coordinating with schools.

Historic Preservation

Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies (Goal 5.8)
Updates and consolidates existing goals and policies, including identifying strategies to preserve and enhance historic resources and reflecting the City’s status as a state Certified Local Government.

Library Services

Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies: The current Comprehensive Plan does not contain a goal or policy for library services. The update adds a new goal and policies to address the library’s multiple roles int eh community, including lifelong learning, personal enrichment, arts and cultural activities and community interaction.


Background: Overview | Full Report
Existing Goals and Policies (Goal 8)
Updates and consolidates recreation-related goal and policy language from existing Comprehensive Plan chapters, and addresses facilities, programs, and coordination with other recreation providers.




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