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The next two meetings are scheduled for September 26, 2013 and December 19, 2013. Thanks to each of you for all of your hard work over the last three years!

2035 Vision for Connected Community

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We have safe, efficient and convenient transportation choices.  There are frequent and reliable public transportation options that make it easy to move around our city and the region. Pathways, sidewalks, roadways and bike routes encourage residents of all neighborhoods to walk and bike safely.

The Connected Community action area addresses safety, transportation choices, efficiency, livability, connectivity, accessibility, and sustainability for all modes of transportation including walking, biking, transit, and driving. It updates the existing Comprehensive Plan’s Goal 12, click here for a PDF of the existing Goals and Policies (it will open in a new window).


What Have We Done So Far?
Click here to see more details and documentation of what has happened so far with this action area!

Each Action Area’s Goals and Polices go through a series of steps involving public involvement and comment, various review processes by different commissions and councils, and lastly, approval by the City Council. The graphic below shows where this action area is in the process.


Timeline for Connected Community Progress

Action Area Overview


What We’ve Heard

Based on the values and aspiration of Lake Oswegans, the 2035 Community Vision provides the framework for updated goals and policies. The 2010 We Love Lake Oswego community survey gathered input from 823 citizens to develop the vision. Here’s what we hear about connected communities (to read additional citizen input on this action area, click here):

  • 50% responded that “light rail,” “a local circulator bus,” and the streetcar to Portland would be the transportation types that will best connect Lake Oswego to the region in the future.
  • 61% thought that they would be working from home in the future.


When asked what would make it easier to meet daily needs without having to drive in 25 years:

  • 59% chose “more goods and services within walking distance of home;”
  • 53% chose “better sidewalks/pathways and safer crosswalks;” and
  • 47% chose “better proximity to transit service.”

More background on this action area:

Background: Overview | Full Report



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