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The next two meetings are scheduled for September 26, 2013 and December 19, 2013. Thanks to each of you for all of your hard work over the last three years!

We Love Lake Oswego Poetry Contest

The winning poems and their authors were announced at City Council on November 16!   A huge thanks goes out to all of those who participated! There were four winners:

Adult Poem- James Fleming for “Restoration”

Teen Poem – Cait Phenix for her untitled poem

Kid Poem – Alannah Maynez for “The Four Seasons of Lake Oswego” and Emma Ruhland for “George Rogers Park”


You can view the winners reading their poems on line at The presentation start approximately at 18:30
WE LOVE LAKE Poetry Contest Winners 2011

Adult Category Winner – James Fleming

When the fires died down
On L.O.’s Iron Age,
The smoke cleared
And the ash settled out.
Left were a lake and a river
Which do nothing but flow
Or lie quietly in place.
Without industrial might,
We take things as they are—
Listen to summer concerts,
Picnic in Rogers Park
Where the stone furnace rises
Reborn to the song of birds


Teen Category Winner – Cait Phenix, Age 13


A silver slip of water
City by the lake
An emerald jewel on its own
A gem that never breaks

Slender fingers easily
Grasp amounts of fruit
From shopping stalls
And plaza walls
And softly scuffling boots

Music in the summer
When the sun is sweet
Music by the river
Timed to tapping feet


Kid Category Winner (1 of 2) – Alannah Maynez, Age 12


In the fall, a medley of vibrantly colored leaves surrounds me.

Powerful, hushed wind whispers secrets of the lake, unspoken for years, into my ears.

The fourth street library awaits its citizens to supply its bounty.

When winter comes along, the frigid air turns my nose bright red, yet I love its marvelous sensation.

The lighting of the Millennium Tree puts a smile on my face and brightens my soul.

Spring pleasantly surprises you when it creeps up like a sly, little animal.

The spectacular, blossoming flowers decorate our streets like mini sprinkles on cupcakes.

Rain sings a sweet, A Capella melody as it tap dances on my window pane.

The aroma of the Westlake park grass upon which I traipse gives me the strongest sense of community.

Weekend escapades to the Farmer’s Market names me an explorer each time.

When summer begins, I count down the days to The Festival of the Arts.

Mixed with creativity and innovation, every work is golden.

Unique in their own way, each is sure to impress.

Lake Oswego is the canvas on which you will paint the picture of your childhood.


Kid Category Winner (2 of 2) –Emma Ruhland, Age 11


The water is crisp and cool,
You can swim in it just like a pool.
Observing the old coal smoke stack,
Sitting on the bench having a snack.
Hiking on the trails having fun,
Sitting on the sand watching the setting sun.
Throwing a ball in the water for a dog,
Finding a frog under a log.
Seeing crayfish in a shallow stream,
Watching a boat give out steam.
Riding your bike up the trails,
Picking up old rusty nails.
A wise old crane you can see,
A flower wiggles inside there’s a bee.


A special thanks goes out to the selection committee for reading all of the wonderful poems that were submitted.

Paulann Petersen - Oregon Poet Laureate

Dorothy Stafford – retired Lake Oswego poet and wife of the late poet William Stafford

Scot Siegel – published poet and former Planning Commission member

Councilor Donna Jordan – City Councilor, most recent liaison to Library Advisory Board

Bill Baars – Director of the Library


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